100% Human Sexy PineApple, PineWrap, Bangs & BangWrap Is design to set you free. With its variety of designs, styles, textures and colors, It comes in silky straight, silky yaki, remi natural,  jerry curl, wet wavy, coil curl, jerry page, silk yaki, remy body wave, natural peruvian jerry water wavy, french deep wavy, virgin remy, peruvian remy natural, unprocessed natural body, and brazilian remi yaky. You can start with a ponytail, up do, evening-wear, or a messy-bun. All of the selections also come in a varying of lengths from 8 to 22 inches.

The PineApple & Bangs blends right into your natural hair. Then wrap around your head for fullness, thickness, highlights, and longer hair. With a quick trim, you are ready for a variety of colors, highlights, textures & lengths. The PineApple and Bangs provides you with versatility for any occasion, whether you find yourself going to work, getting married, work, relaxing, or at a glamorous photo shoot, on a movie set, traveling or even walking the red carpet. This product is convenient, affordable and easy to maintain.

You can blow dry, flatiron, wet set or let your PineApple & PineWrap naturally dry. Your 100% Human Sexy Bang & BangWrap is tangle-free, easy to manage. You can comb from bottom to top, Using luke warm water with a small amount of shampoo and conditioner after washing, use a large tooth comb or a wig brush then style.